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Ready to jump in? If you want to join the revolution and add the “smart” to your bit, the first step is to obtain a license to sell your product embedded with our patented biometric measurement system. The Equine SmartBit™ licensing opportunity represents an exceptional offering to be a part of the 21st century in horse tack. A variety of territories and licensing rights are now available, but you must act fast.

But wait! How do you add the smart to your bit? We’ve made it easy! Our developer’s tool-kit enables our partners to develop their own customized wearable device networks for equine sports that measure performance, health and well-being analytics. All of our technologies are protected by filed patents. And, if you want an edge, our expert engineering team will work with your engineers and manufacturers to help you customize your bit. ‚ÄčAs you can see, we make it easy to join forces with us. If you would like more information on the licensing process, please contact us below. We intend to choose best global partners in the equine field.

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